Expanding a Legacy of Excellence for Cherry Creek School District 

Community Schools

We live in a diverse district, and all our students deserve the opportunity of a top quality education, no matter their zip code. To put kids first, we have to value the unique diversity in our neighborhoods and our children.

I am a collaborator. And I know that to build and strengthen relationships between a community and its school ensures their mutual growth. As a board member, I will ensure that CCSD listens to our educators, students, and parents. 

Supporting Our Classrooms

The Cherry Creek School District's Board of Education is responsible for operating a $985,476,001 budget. As we face funding shortages due to years of undergoing a lack of resources and investments in Colorado, many of our kids are at a disadvantage to other students. I will also actively pursue and encourage Cherry Creek School District’s emerging policy of equity based school funding so all of our children can access those opportunities. Cherry Creek per pupil funding will increase by $859 (10.6%) from $8,107 in FY 2020-21 to $8,966 in FY 2021-22.

As a board member, one of my most important responsibilities is to provide state of-the-art classrooms for our students so they have an opportunity to obtain a higher education, go to a vocational school of their choice, begin a career, and go on to become tomorrow’s leaders. At Cherry Creek School District, we know what it means to be a leader in education — for our community, state, and country. Everyday, I will work to ensure Cherry Creek School District’s Legacy of Excellence continues as our students become tomorrow’s leaders.

Addressing the Teacher Shortage

In CCSD, the average starting salary is just over $41,000. With Denver Metro’s soaring cost-of-living, this is hardly a livable wage. We want our teachers to be members of our community. To have strong schools and strong communities, we must be able to recruit and retain the best teachers who represent the diversity of our community.

It’s time to strengthen our local community and our children’s future by giving our teachers a well-deserved wage. As a board member, I will strive to address and achieve this mission.