Meet Kristin

Cherry Creek School Board

My name is Kristin Allan, and I am running to represent us on the Cherry Creek School District Board of Education. My two children, ages 6 and 9 are my inspiration for running and for my commitment to be a voice for our students, families, and educators. My husband, Adam and I, have been married for 12 years, and we are both actively involved in our children's education and volunteering in Cherry Creek schools. 

As a small business owner and practicing attorney, I view every legal claim I handle as a puzzle which we must solve. No single claim is alike. I always tell my clients, “as the information changes, so does the result.” That’s the same kind of approach I will bring to Cherry Creek Schools. I have personally seen what happens when we use a one-size-fits-all-education model. And I have seen the changes made in a child’s life when we use specialized hands-on learning.

When my daughter was in kindergarten I volunteered in the classroom so our kids could practice reading. It was then that I realized my child was not experiencing those “aha” moments. For three years, we went around in circles. Addison had ADHD. She’d grow out of it. Put her on medication. She is just low to average intelligence. The road ahead was long and challenging. We explored possible reasons, discussed accommodations to help with attention, and had Addison take what seemed like an endless battery of tests.  

Now, there are many children who do have ADHD. But as a mother… my instincts told me we were missing many pieces to the puzzle. When we took our daughter to get more specialized testing we learned that she had dyslexia. Correct diagnosis, new year, new principal and new teachers, differentiated instruction, and my daughter’s hard work, have her on track.

I share this story because education matters. Strong public schools are not only the bedrock of our democratic republic but the foundation of a strong local economy. As a board member, I will build collaboration and engagement among our administrators, faculty, parents, students, and community. And I will work to ensure teachers are not beholden to mandates like teaching to test, but can spark a curiosity to learn in all of our children. I believe the Cherry Creek School District can provide a top education to all of our children, no matter their zip code, and to do that we must operate with transparency and accountability.

Cherry Creek Schools Volunteer Work

Since my daughter began kindergarten at High Plains Elementary, I volunteer in the classroom, attend school and PTCO functions, and support fundraising for High Plains.  On the District level, I attend and participate in several organizations including SEAC, PASS, and Parents Council.  I also support the Cherry Creek Schools Foundation’s district level fundraising initiatives. 

Leadership Cherry Creek Class of 2020
Member and Graduate

Attended monthly seminars to go “behind the scenes” in Cherry Creek Schools, including meetings with CCSD administration and board members and learning about CCSD's programs and opportunities. Observed high quality instruction in district classrooms and learned firsthand about operations that make teaching and learning possible, including safety and security, technology, and transportation. Obtained in-depth information about critical issues affecting public education, including school finance.  

District Accountability Committee CCSD
Chairperson (January 2021-Present)

As DAC Chair, I am working with the Executive Committee to restructure DAC to respond to the changing needs of CCSD. Among other tasks, I am working with school administrators, the DAC liaisons and the Board to restructure DAC, I preside over DAC meetings, ensure DAC is complying with Colorado statutes and coordinate committee and subcommittee reports to the District's Board of Education.  

District Accountability Committee CCSD
Member (2019-Present)

The DAC has broad responsibilities for ensuring the district’s continued educational success and cost-effective management. The committee is organized in compliance with Colorado state law. Members of this committee advise Cherry Creek School District Board of Education members on spending priorities, review applications for charter schools, and report the effectiveness of district programs.  

School Accountability Committee, High Plains Elementary School
Chairperson (June 2019-Present)

I plan and conduct School Accountability Committee meetings, engaging and advising on the following issues: parent engagement, evaluations, budget/oversight prioritization, and school performance (including the Unified Improvement Plan).  

School Accountability Committee, High Plains Elementary School
Member (September 2016-Present)

The SAC advises the principal on school performance, budget priorities and parental engagement. The purpose of the committee is to inform, encourage and provide opportunities for parent and community members to be involved in the planning and evaluation of the school’s instructional program and quality improvement processes.  

Letter Writing Campaign to Governor Polis December 2020

Initiated a letter writing campaign to Governor Polis: a call to action to fight to prioritize the vaccination of our educators so our children could get back into the classrooms. 

CCSD Food Drive
Volunteer (December 2020-January 2021)

Publicized and informed community members about the food drive for CCSD’s Title 1 Schools. Acted as location drop off site and delivered food and essentials to food drive organizers.